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Cabin Writing    12 April 2016
Cabin Writing

What will you do in yours?

A cabin in the garden is the ideal environment for creativity and many well known people have worked from a variety of garden rooms, sheds and cabins. Roald Dahl famously wrote from a garden shed including the screen play for Chitty Chitty Bang bang, You Only Live Twice, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and the Big Friendly Giant.

Pink Floyds Roger Walters apparently laid down the first tracks for Dark Side of the Moon in his garden in Islington and Benjamin Brittain composed in a shed in the garden of his Sussex home.Also in Sussex Virginia Woolf wrote novels in a potting shed. In Wales Dylan Thomas worked in a writing shed above the Taf Valley.

The play Death of a Salesman was written by Arthur Miller from his garden shed. George Bernard-Shaw had his garden shed mounted on a turntable so that he could rotate it to stay in the sun.

What will you do in yours?

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