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Even Robert Garratt Uses them   21 August 2017
Even Robert Garratt Uses them

As one of Essex's most successful purveyors of fine automotive machinery Mr Robert Garratt has used a Lillevilla Log cabin as his home office for a number of years.

From a Ford Model T built in the times when people with bad credit had to walk, to expedition Land Rovers that Doctor Livingstone could only have dreamed of, Robert Garratt keeps his overheads low by trading from home in a Lillevilla cabin. In a time when many customer think bluetooth is more important than brakes and ipads are more intertesing that brake pads Roberts philosophy dates back to an era when Gentlemen didn't drive diesels.

Robert is easily located just follow the oil leaks on the tarmac as you come off the M11.

David Cameron's Den   15 May 2017
David Cameron's Den

Back in April last year, we talked about how many authors wrote in sheds and cabins in their gardens. Not long afterwards and following the Brexit referendum the Prime Minster resigned and we now hear that he has bought a shepherds hut to write his memoirs in his own garden.

Grooved One Side - 28mm x 145mm x 3.0/3.6/4.8metres

New Season Treated Timber Decking Arrives

New stocks of Swedish Timber Decking have just arrived for the 2017 season.

Green Pressure Treated Timber - Slow Grown Spruce - 28mm thick finshed x 145mm wide.

Grooved on one side in three lengths 3.0 metres, 3.6metres and 4.8 metres ready for your collection to enhance your garden, effect a trasition at different levels, perhaps on a rooftop or beside a tract of water. Beautiful around a pool or spa.

Come and See our Latest Cabins on Display

The Lillevilla 43 and 53 models are now on display at our Havant warehouse with special sale reductions in price. Made from 34mm thick logs with single glazed windows they are great value cabins still with the great quality and style of a Lillevilla Cabin.

The Lillevilla 43 is 4 metres x 3 metres in size and on sale for just £2,395.00 inc vat. The LL43 is a tradtional log cabin, warm and cosy with double doors to open on sunny days.

The Larger Lillevilla 53 is 3 metres x 5.6metres in size and on sale for only £2,795.00 inc vat. The LL53 features large windows making afor a light and airey studio or home office

Cabin Writing   12 April 2016

What will you do in yours?

Cabin Writing

A cabin in the garden is the ideal environment for creativity and many well known people have worked from a variety of garden rooms, sheds and cabins. Roald Dahl famously wrote from a garden shed including the screen play for Chitty Chitty Bang bang, You Only Live Twice, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and the Big Friendly Giant.

Pink Floyds Roger Walters apparently laid down the first tracks for Dark Side of the Moon in his garden in Islington and Benjamin Brittain composed in a shed in the garden of his Sussex home.Also in Sussex Virginia Woolf wrote novels in a potting shed. In Wales Dylan Thomas worked in a writing shed above the Taf Valley.

The play Death of a Salesman was written by Arthur Miller from his garden shed. George Bernard-Shaw had his garden shed mounted on a turntable so that he could rotate it to stay in the sun.

What will you do in yours?

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